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About Community Action Agencies

The Community Action Plan (CAP) Serves as a two (2) year roadmap demonstrating how Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) agencies plan to deliver CSBG services. The CAP identifies and assesses poverty related needs and resources in the community and establishes a detailed plan, goals and priorities for delivering those services to individuals and families most affected by poverty. CSBG funds may be used to support activities that assist low-income families and individuals, homeless families and individuals, migrant or seasonal farm workers and elderly low-income individuals and families by removing obstacles and solving problems that block the achievement of self-sufficiency. Community Action Plans must comply with Organization Standard and State and Federal laws, as outlined below:


As described in the Office of Community Services (OCS) information Memorandum (IM) #138 dated January 26, 2015, CSBG agencies will comply with implementation of the Organizational Standards. CSD has identified Organizational Standards that provide guidance for the development of the comprehensive Community Needs Assessment.


As required by the CSBG Act, Public Law 105-285, States are required to submit a state plan as a condition to receive funding. Information provided in the CAP by agencies in included in California's State Plan. Alongside Organizational Standards, the State will be reporting on State Accountability Measures in order to ensure accountability and improve program performance.


Public Law 105-285, s. 676(b) establishes federal assurances agencies are to comply with. Community Services Development (CSD), in its state plan submission, provides narrative describing how the agencies in California will comply with the assurances. By completing and submitting the CAP, our agencies certifies that it will comply with all Federal Assurances and any other laws, rules, and statutes in the performance of the activities funded through this grant.

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Community Action Board Members

Representative of the Poor

District #1

Linda McKell

District #2

Gary Cameron

District #3

Juan Cruz

District #4

Mel Tungate

District #5

Nelda Escamilla, Vice Chair

Representative of the Board of Supervisors

District #1


District #2

Yolanda Delgado

District #3

Tonia Sunseri

District #4

Judi Johnson

District #5

Shari Stevenson

Representative of the Private Sector

District #1

Ellen Latinen, Chair

District #2

Jessica Wohlander

District #3

Christy Eggers

District #4

Dennis Wightman

District #5

Jim Whitehead Secretary