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Family Winter Shelter

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Family Winter shelter

Now Accepting referrals for the FAMILY WINTER SHELTER FOR 2023-2024

Program Services

Temporary housing program for families with children age 18 and under from December-March

Who's Eligible


The eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Currently households requesting assistance with the Winter Shelter Program must have children under the age of 18 and living in the household unit.

  • Pregnant women requesting assistance and have no other children, may be assisted by providing written pregnancy verification.

  • Households must be income eligible by meeting the current poverty level established by the Federal Office of Management and Budget.

  • Families who are homeless and families at risk of homelessness are eligible for the program. Families who are homeless lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. Families who are at risk of homelessness face a high likelihood of losing one’s housing due to various factors including having low-income, insufficient resources, frequent moves, overcrowded housing, eviction notices, etc. Families at risk of homelessness must provide verification including an eviction notice, a judge’s order to vacate or a letter from a program whose subsidy has ended or will be ending within 30 days of the start of the program and ultimately resulting in being homeless.

  • Priority will be given to chronic homeless families who live in their vehicles, in encampments and other places not meant for human habitation.

  • Families for the Winter Shelter Program are called from the waiting list with priority given to chronic homeless families and families at-risk of homelessness.

  • Shelter Services has been limited to one time per household. Due to extenuating circumstances, limited housing inventory and lack of low-income housing, families find themselves once again homeless and in need of the Winter Shelter Program causing staff to be faced with the difficult decision to deny Homeless Families in need of this program.

Family Winter Shelter Interest Form
How Many Adults In household?
How Many Children In household? (age 18 and under)
Where did you sleep last nigt?
How long have you been homelss?
Have you utilized the winter family shelter in the past?

Thanks for submitting your interest in the Family Winter Shelter.

Our staff will get back to you once orientations begin.

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